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Deep Anode String™


Deep Anode String anode

MPM’s Deep Anode String™ (MPM DAS) is the cost effective long term solution for retrofitting offshore platform cathodic protection systems where the system must be installed inside the structure’s perimeter. MPM DAS can be installed without the use of divers or remotely controlled vehicles.  The MPM design eliminates issues found in other products which affect installation methodology and cost, long term performance, and depth limitations. Internally positioned string anode systems have advantages including:
  • Reliability/Performance History – String anode systems have been used to retrofit shallow water structures since the 1970’s in a variety of environments. String anode system failures have historically been due to lack of cable protection in the active splash zone (no I-tube), faulty routing design, or improper sting design.
  • Ground Bed Resistance – Linear anode configurations utilized in the MPM DAS virtually eliminate mutual anode interference providing a much lower ground bed resistance than configurations utilizing clustered or parallel anodes. This allows for the use of much lower voltage rectifiers to achieve the desired D.C. current output.
  • Current Distribution – Properly positioned, “semi-remote” DAS provides excellent current distribution.

MPM DAS Design Benefits:

Designed for Durability

  • No oil filled junction boxes which are prone to leakage.
  • Cable is an extruded composite cable which incorporates MPM’s proven submarine power cable design.
  • MPM DAS electrical connections and associated insulation waterproofing have been proof tested to 850-psi/1,900 FSW (581m).


  • The DAS can be spooled on standard steel cable reels, which greatly enhances installation safety and reduces shipping, handling, and installation costs over conventional string anode systems that must be flaked out and boxed to prevent damage to the fixed anode.


  • MPM’s procedures allow for the economical installation of DAS on shallow water platforms (-200 FSW/61m) without the use of divers or ROV’s in most cases.
  • String output ranges from 10’s to 100’s of amperes with custom anode spacing to fit the constraints of a particular installation location.


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