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Decommissioning and Abandonments

MPM has extensive experience with the decommissioning and abandonment of subsea facilities, particularly in the environmentally sensitive waters off of California and Alaska. Our experience includes:


SS & Support Vessel

Surf Sled Vehicle

MPM personnel have served as prime contractor, project managers, or client representatives for all US West Coast subsea well tiebacks and decommissioning requiring underwater intervention since 1983. Projects have included routine maintenance, tieback, wire line operations from DSV’s, and decommissioning of more than 100 near-shore and subsea wells. Water depths have ranged from the surf/splash zone to (-) 300 FSW. MPM completed the “SWARS Project” which included abandonment of 23 sub-sea wells for six different operators at depths ranging between (-) 65 FSW and (-) 290 FSW along with abandonment of 53 suspended wells. Other significant projects have included abandonment of two wells for CUSA, one well for ARCO, one for Exxon, and five for the State of California in the tidal zone at Summerland, CA.


Shore-based Coil Tubing Intervention (with BOPE) of Blocked Pipeline - Alaska's Cook Inlet

Shore-based Coil Tubing Pipeline Intervention  – Alaska’s Cook Inlet

MPM has abandoned over 60 pipelines ranging in sizes from 4-1/2” to 24” diameter in the environmentally sensitive California and Alaskan waters. Customers include Arco, CUSA, Exxon, Phillips, Texaco, Unocal, and Shell.  MPM specializes in the front-end planning and engineering work critical to the success of removing old and sometimes damaged facilities from service.  MPM is able to work with State and Federal agencies to develop quality permit applications and can work with internal Customer processes to successfully navigate HAZAN/HAZID reviews and ultimately develop an accurate AFE budget prior to implementation.  Once permits are secured, MPM has the field experience to manage offshore operations safely, efficiently, and effectively.



Beach Apron

Beach Apron

MPM personnel performed the first marine terminal abandonment project under CEQA in 1992/1993. MPM personnel were also involved in removing four platforms off of the California coast.  Following the platform abandonments, MPM was involved with the subsequent agency-mandated inspections and continued remediation of the sites which incorporated side scan sonar, multi-beam sonar, ROV and diving intervention to perform the work.