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Hot Tap Equipment

Hot Tap ManualHot Tap Manual
The T-101 Drilling Machine can be used on pipelines with a maximum working pressure of 1,480 psi at 100F. The unit can be utilized on the surface or underwater using air or hydraulic drivers or using the manual driver. It has a maximum travel of 18″ and can tap holes from 1/2″ through 4″. Call for price and availability.

Hot Tap MechanicalHydraulic Hot Tap
The MPM Hot Tap is hydraulically operated and has a MAOP of 3000 psi. The system is designed for surface or underwater use and has been used to depths of 300 feet. Project specific saddle assemblies allow tapping into tubulars from 1-1/2″ to 30″OD with surface defects of up to .25″ in depth. Call for price and availability.