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MPM Upgrades Its Subsea Inspection Management System (SIMS) (Examples of system in action here.)

Marine Project Management, Inc. (MPM) has significantly enhanced its underwater facility cathodic protection (CP) survey system to include pipeline and structure UWI/UWILD integrity management features. Easily interfacing with most ROV systems, the system is being rebranded as the Subsea Integrity Management System (SIMS) and will reduce underwater inspection costs in offshore spread time, reporting, and post-survey evaluation. SIMS is available as a service for the US West Coast and Gulf of Mexico markets.

The system, comprised of both hardware and software, has been developed from the ground up using feedback form our clients and input and direction from our inspectors that have nearly a century of combined underwater inspection project experience. Features include:

  • 4-Channel CP Data – SIMS ROV enhancements include two CP survey reference electrode pairs designed to collect proximity and electric field gradient (EFG) data using stab, remote reference, or trailing wire inspection techniques during the same operation. The software and hardware are configured to allow performance of each technique without surfacing the ROV for re-configuration. The redundant electrodes provide the additional benefit of real time accuracy testing and virtually eliminates the need to recover the ROV for failed electrode change-out.
  • Data Keeping and Display – Inspection data can be logged continuously or manually depending on the type of survey being performed while being simultaneously overlaid onto ROV SD or HD video via a host of common video interfaces. Data available for recording and overlay include both primary and redundant CP reference electrode data, external inputs including navigation (XY, Lat/Long), “fix” information, external date/time, altimeter/depth data, and SIMS operator comments and location codes. SIMS time-stamped, on-the-fly structure location coding is intuitive and simplifies on site data entry, post processing, and future data management. Video overlay and recorded data clearly identifies the system grounding technique (stab or trailing wire/remote reference as ground) throughout the survey allowing efficient data post processing, evaluation, and reporting.
  • MPM’s process and SIMS – MPM’s process includes developing a facility-specific, condition-driven work scope to eliminate unnecessary data collection and reduce inspection cost and can be exceptionally cost effective for pipeline systems. Using SIMS, transparency and traceability of grounding technique and offsets is preserved throughout the survey to aid in post inspection data evaluation and quality control.

As published in Subsea World News

MPM celebrates its 20th year accident free.

MPM maintains its ISO 9001/2008 certification

MPM celebrates its 19th year accident free.

MPM’s Cathodic Protection Survey System (CPSS) software is upgraded to Revision 3. The software now supports dual EFG measurements (4 channels of CP collection) and platform inspection modules. Fully customizable video overlay to external monitors and recording devices also featured.

MPM maintains its ISO 9001/2008 certification

MPM celebrates it’s 18th year accident free.

MPM receives patent on new “Bag Anode Kit” ICCP system.  This light duty system is provided as an anode sled “kit”, and is designed specifically for shallower depths and/or smaller marine structures, providing an output of up to 250 amps per sled.

MPM is pleased to announce that Jim Chartier has joined the team as our new Senior Outside Sales Representative, based in Houston, Texas. Jim brings to the team over 30 years of marine industry experience, and 15 years of highly successful sales experience.

After exhibiting outstanding Quality Management Systems in both product manufacturing and engineering services, MPM obtains ISO 9001:2008 certification.