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MPM has a 100% accident free safety record, and has extensive experience in successfully planning and implementing projects in the environmentally sensitive waters of Alaska, California, and the Gulf of Mexico.

SafetyMPM Safety Statistics

MPM Founded: 1996
Years of Business: 20 years
Total Hours Worked: In excess of 1,905,920 hours
Accidents or Incidents: 0


MPM has received an audited “A” contractor rating from Chevron, and a “Project Excellence” Award from Plains Exploration and Production (PXP).


MPM places the highest priority on completing all operations safely. To ensure that all operations are completed without accident or incident, we have developed and implemented an active behavioral based health, safety, and environmental (HSE) program. This program incorporates:

  • The knowledge and attitude that with proper planning, professional personnel, and the proper equipment, all operations can be performed safely.
  • A business ethic that mandates that all of our personnel be experienced, highly trained professionals that demand excellence in safety.
  • A proactive pre-hire program that incorporates new personnel pre-hire background checks, pre-hire physicals, and pre-hire drug and alcohol screening.
  • An active safety/IIP Program which incorporates personnel training and Operator Qualification.
  • An anti-drug and alcohol implementation program that is in conformance with DOT 49/199, and an in-house program that exceeds DOT requirements.